Facial Mask

Facial Mask
Natural face mask is mixed from organic rice powder, an atiseptic herb’s extracted, white volcanic clay, seaweed, aloevera, papaya, avocado, curcuma families.
Benefits are:
  • Anti-oxidant : help fight freee radicial & aid in slowing down the effect of aging
  • Protects collagen & elasticin which in turn in a large part in maintaining the supplenee of skin
  • Benificial for mature, delicate & sensitive skin
  • Makes it easier to penetrate the skin
  • Help smooth out wrinkles as well as to provide a slight amount os sun screen protection
  • Heal ezcema, dermatitis & psoriasis
  • Binding to the toxins that are dispelled from skin
  • Allows cells to receive more oxygen
  • Anti-aging : refreshes skin makes it vibrant & young looking
  • It’s worth as natural approach to ageless
  • Smoothing & glowing skin, can be to achieved easily by rubbing on face
  • Nourishied from deep within
  • Reduce acne toxins – purifying & detoxifying
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