Natural Body Brushing

Natural Body Brushing
  Loofah is a climbing vine related to gourds and cucumbers, and sometimes called the “dishrag vine,” a reference to the sponge-like qualities of the dried fruit. Six species are in the Luffa genus, and they are widely cultivated for food and sponge uses. The loofah is the only plant source of sponge, and it has been used in bathhouses and kitchens for centuries. Traditionally cultivated in India and the Middle East, where the name originates, it is also grown in other warm, dry regions.
The an exfoliate of skin is that your whole body could do with thorough and regular exfoliation. Skin that is clogged with toxins and dead cells cannot function properly because the toxins are not being eliminated. Since it is estimated that the skin eliminates over one pound of waste per day, skin brushing would be an excellent routine to add to your day. Dry skin brushing on a daily basis can provide numerous benefits, such as improved circulation, stimulating lymph drainage, stimulating hormones, and firming the skin
Brushing the body with a brush of natural fibers, from the legs and arms towards the heart, boosts what may be an otherwise sluggish flow of lymph. This makes the entire system function so much better.
  • By increasing the circulation to the skin, you are encouraging your body to discharge metabolic waste.
  • Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which also helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Dry skin brushing helps your skin to breathe by removing dead skin cells, and opening clogged pores
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