Essential Oil

Essential Oil
 An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobiac liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the "oil of" the plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove. An oil is "essential" in the sense that it contains the "essence of" the plant's fragrance—the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it is derived. Esential oils are generally extracted by distillation, often by using steam. Other processes include expression or solvent extraction. They are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products, for flavoring food and drink, and for adding scents to incense and household cleaning products. Essential oils have been used medicinally in history. Medical applications proposed by those who sell medicinal oils range from skin treatments to remedies for cancer and often are based solely on historical accounts of use of essential oils for these purposes
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Kaffirlime Essential Oil 10 ml
Fruit --- Kaffirlime "Citrus hystrix"  ..
Rp 55,000
Ex Tax: Rp 55,000
Orange Essential Oil 10 ml
Orange "Citrus x Sinensis"..
Rp 50,000
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